Corporate Tie-Ups/Collaborations:

To fight job seeker’s money laundering scams and to make the fresher hiring more compatible, IPA is providing a platform where companies meet with the right talent and the students meet with the right job seekers. To achieve this, IPA has taken an initiative to have corporate tie-ups to have a win-win venture for both the academia as well as the corporate world. IPA aim is to create a platform where the need meets with the need. The first need is of the companies for the skilled workforce and the second need for the students to find right companies that offer roles suitable to the education and interest of the students. We encourage both the parties to share a common platform for a better industrialization and taking a vital part in solving the unemployment issues in pharmacy student community.

With our equipped central placement cell, we are making strategic moves in creating opportunities. Our web platform is built to understand the requirements of the corporates and companies who can collaborate with us in making our mission possible. To get a call on collaboration from our placement team, write to us at