About Us

We are proud to be diverse, future-oriented and student-centred national association that is promoting a high-value education and career. We are proud to adopt the transformation in technology that change the lives to a better capacity. We believe that our students succeed as they compete with the best in the nation for jobs — because of the value and discipline we add to their skills. The measurement of any success depends on the quality of the students who graduates and what they achieve in their life, the impact of each date back to the 80 years of rich history of this association.

Indian Pharmaceutical Association has a wide base with local and state branches in every level and a separate platform for Student Community (IPA – Student Federation) which has a pool of largest graduated and graduating students in the country. We aspire that all the students will benefit by being a member of this association because this association encourages and promotes the passion and thirst for knowledge and research that results in better healthcare solutions for the public use. We bring the new talents added to the central placement wing in leading roles, is a team of people who have a proven record of their leadership, industry experience, vision and values that make it the best place to provide every career related information, skill development and it is a platform that bridges the companies, colleges and students together to make it a one-stop solution for all.

Thanks to the combined efforts of every member of this association supporting in advancing our goals and initiatives designed to weave and provide more opportunities to start a walk into immerse and solve the world’s different cultures and complex problems.

I am proud of the culture that we have developed will bring the energy to make our association sustain in the years ahead with a distinctive mission to continue to improve the development for many generations to come.

With best wishes to you all,